CDs, Reports, Incense and Equipment

Satyananda Yoga CDs for home practice:
(Recorded by Carol Godridge)


Yoga Nidra: 3 practices for first- and second-year students


Yoga Nidra: 2 practices for more experienced students, with chakra awareness visualisations

Yoga Nidra for Healing: Practice for those dealing with pain and illness

Chair Yoga and relaxation for people with limited mobility or other special needs. To be done in groups with a helper, or as an individual practice.


Meditation: 3 different practices: Kaya Stairyam (body stillness), Ajapa Japa (mantra) and Antar Mouna (inner stillness)

£7 + £1.50 p&p each



Pawanmuktasana and asana sequence for beginners (joint movements)


Asana and Pranayama: surya namaskar (sun salute) with chants and asana sequence for first year students (later first year students)

£3 + £1.50 p&p each

Reports and Booklets:

chakra rpeort cover

Stimulating the Chakras: a resource for teachers working with students at both beginners; and intermediate levels. Class plans and handouts included.

£10 including p&p


  • Eco Yoga mats £7                                                            (personal collection at class only) 
  • Yoga block (to help with sitting and other postures) – £3                     ”              “


  • Beautiful Natural Incense £2 per packet, £8.75 for five packets, £15 for ten packets. (Made by and sold in aid of the Sri Aurobindo Children’s Home, Nepal.)
CgT 17

Children of the Sri Aurobindo Children’s Home


All cheques payable to Carol Godridge. If you wish to pay online please email for bank details:

From: Carol Godridge, Ben Doran, Ayr Street, Moniaive, Dumfriesshire DG3 4HW.

Tel: 01848 200681